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The following is a list of fictional and real Google Inc. products.

Google Play

Google Play Books

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Music

  • Now $7.99 for "All Access" and $12.99 for "All Access" for up to 6 family members

Google Play Games

  • Users can now upload a custom profile picture as well as choose from a selection of pre-made ones

Google Drive

Google Drive, the file storage and synchronization service created by Google in April 2012, has received major updates and new features.

Storage plans have changed and are as follows:

Storage Price
50 GB


250 GB $1.99 per month
1 TB $7.99 per month
15 TB $19.99 per month

Google Docs

  • The 1,024,000 character limit has been removed, and upload document files that are converted to Google Docs format can now be up to 500MB in size.
  • Cover Pages, which explain the document's properties such as author, company, title, etc. Over 75 are available.
  • Theme-specific fonts and color schemes
  • Supports the opening and direct editing of .txt, .xml, .json, and .rtf documents

Google Sheets

Google Slides

  • Presentations created in Google Slides can now be up to 500 MB in size.
  • 70 new themes


  • 5 second preview of videos when available (for MP4 and MOV files)


Gmail, the webmail service launched in April 2004, received minor updates including a daily theme option, customizable interface fonts with over 20 options, the ability to import photos directly from the computer for usage as a background, and a sound alert for incoming mail.

Google Hangouts


YouTube, the video hosting service acquired by Google in November 2006, has received some major updates:

  • Users can overlay up to 8 social links on their channel art
  • Channel monetization now requires only 2,500 hours of annual viewing time
  • Background play is no longer a Premium feature
  • YouTube Premium, the paid streaming subscription service, received some minor improvements:
    • Now costs $6.99 per month instead of $11.99.
    • Yearly option added, which is $39.99 per year
  • Livestreams that play music of varying genres 24/7 can be tagged as "Radio Stations"

YouTube Education

YouTube Education is a new service tailored to students, where users can watch and discuss videos tailored to their educational and learning needs. It is available for Android, iOS, and the web.

It contains interactive exercises for mathematics, English, science, and social studies (known as the "Core Classes") - some of which can be user-contributed. There are videos for the "Core Classes", as well as the following electives:

Elective Description
Programming From ASP to C++ to HTML5 and CSS3 and more
Computer Science

How computers, the Internet, and the web work

Digital Art

How to use digital art programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and learn the basics of design and art

Psychology How the mind works
Sociology How society works

How the body works

Creative Writing

The study of the infinite

Life Management

Skills like balancing a checkbook, mortgages and rent, taxes, etc.


VPNs, firewalls, and the basics of cybersecurity


Google+, the social networking service launched in December 2011, has been discontinued.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the web browser launched in 2008, received several updates:

  • Full support for WebVR and WebGL 2 standards
  • Integration of Google's Earth View add-on, which displays a satellite image from Google Earth every time a new tab is opened.
  • Reduced RAM and CPU usage by 33%
  • App-exclusive features
    • New data compression techniques to save up to 70% of a user's mobile data
    • Night mode within the app that dims the screen
  • Integration of Google Dictionary and Google Translate add-ons, both disabled by default